We focus on designing and developing new products for launch to the market place through wholesale and retail sales. We strive to create products that are Eco-friendly and made from fully recycled materials to do our part for the world.
From the development of an idea to bringing the product to market and everything in between.

All Products Designed in Canada.

The Automotive Key Caddy

The same issues that have existed for 30 + years, still exist today! Constantly looking for lost car keys and sales people losing sales because they try to show a vehicle to a customer, only to find out the battery is dead or it is out of fuel.

Universal Fit ATV Rear Footrests

1 pair of universal fit ATV rear foot rests to fit any utility ATV with rear cargo rack and 2-up seat installed. Our Patent Pending design is fabricated from heavy-duty Ballistic Nylon material, a specific type of nylon fabric designed for maximum durability and abrasion resistance.

Dual-Ended Automotive Squeegee

Now you can be safer on the roads and properly clean your headlights, fog lamps, tail lights and side mirrors …. And with todays technology in vehicles such as; Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Warning, backup cameras, bumper sensors and Forward Collision Warning, they will not function properly when the sensors or cameras are dirty. 

Stealth Protection Film

This is a top quality, fully transparent vehicle protection film that is installed over your lights to help protect them from cracks and rock chips.