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Since 2012

CSC Marketing Ltd was created in 2012 as an incorporated company by Craig Cormier. We focus on designing and developing new products for launch to the market place through wholesale and retail sales. We strive to create products that are eco-friendly to do our part for the world.
From the development of an idea to bringing the product to market and everything in between.
Our products are primarily focused in the field of automotive and power sports. Craig has worked in these industries for over 30 years and brings with his ideas a professional and personal life-long passion and motivation.
CSC strong is a brand of CSC Marketing LTD. and was created to offer a broad range of products at an affordable price alternative. We spend countless hours to compare, test and create products of the highest quality at the best value pricing on the market. We stand by our choices and workmanship with our vast array of industry experience.
Since 2012, CSC Marketing Ltd. has grown to a staff of 6 and have built many long-lasting relationships and partnerships in the industries and look forward to continued success and our next product or idea.

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