The Automotive Key Caddy

As a lot attendant at an early age and over many years, the same issues that lot attendants had back then, still exist today. Sales managers and sales reps struggle with this issue every day. Constantly looking for lost car keys and sales people trying to show a car to a potential buyer only to find out the battery is dead or the vehicle is out of fuel!  How embarrassing is that?
Our product is helping your sales staff transition more smoothly to their task at hand. Closing sales!

$44.95 CAD


L 12″ x W 9″ x H 5″

The Automotive Key Caddy

Key Features

-Durable in all-weather conditions
-Will not scratch car surfaces
-Professional look
-Bright colour design so it’s easy to find
-Handy pen and paper carrier for stock numbers and other info.
-Handy carrying handle or shoulder strap

Lost car keys are a frustrating and costly expense incurred by dealerships. Lost keys through disorganization can cost dealerships thousands and thousands of key replacement costs each year, as well as lost revenue. There has not been a proper, reliable solution for lot attendants to transport and organize keys until now. This is the The Automotive Key Caddy.  

Across-the-board one of the main issues with Automotive Dealerships is loss of sales due to lengthy waits and frustrated customers from car dead batteries, disorganization, running around trying to find misplaced or spare keys and looking for the fuel card to put gas in a car. ALL OF THIS IS BEFORE THEY ARE EVEN READY TO TAKE THE CUSTOMER ON A TEST DRIVE! 

The Automotive Key Caddy is a key organizer, designed for lot attendants to stay on top of their job! When moving cars, it helps them organize vehicles they are moving with a carrying case that is designed to carry keys and to separate vehicles that need battery charges or fuel, so they will not get forgotten in the shuffle.

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