Frequently Asked Questions

ATV Foot rests

What are the best foot rests foot pegs to use for my passenger on my ATV?

You found us!! Fully adjustable to any leg length in seconds.

What are the best footrests to use for my Suzuki, Kawasaki, BRP, Yamaha, Can am, Honda, Giovanni, Midwest?

You again? This is the right place! With our Universal fit design, you can use our foot rests with any utility style ATV on the market with rear cargo rack and aftermarket seat.

How to install ATV Foot pegs or how to install ATV Footrests?

Check out our video for a demo. So easy to install or remove with no tools needed in just minutes.

Can I put a passenger on my ATV?

if it is not a factory made 2 seater ATV, you can with a 2-up seat installed and rear footrests for the most comfort for your passenger.

What is the safest ATV footrest for a passenger?

Comparatively in our opinion and from past testimonials, that would be ours. Creating a safer and more cost effective alternative was our inspiration for designing this product.

Where is the best price for ATV passenger footrests?

Always buying direct from us as the manufacturer you will get the lowest price, cutting out the middle man.

Are the fold-up footrests durable?

Our Patent Pending Footrests are now made using the toughest grade material available! We use something called Ballistic Nylon, which is the same thing they make bullet proof vests from. No other material can withstand the wear and tear these foot rests go through while ATVing.

Dual-Ended Squeegee

What is the best squeegee to use for my car, truck, SUV?

Here we are, you found us! The only squeegee on the market that does your whole car!

Is there a squeegee for street bikes?

We have the only squeegee on the market that is made for cars and bikes. Soon to be seen at all fuel stations.

Where Can I find an Automotive window squeegee that is made from recycled materials?

Our handles are made from fully recycled plastic. Doing our part for the environment.

What is a dual ended squeegee?

On one end of the squeegee you will find a standard metal 10-inch-wide squeegee and on the other end is a 3-inch-wide squeegee to reach side mirrors and lights.

Why aren’t there better squeegees at fuel stations?

We are working on getting new standards and raising the expectation of fuel station owners and their guests, but helping spread the word would sure help.

Does anyone make a squeegee for my RV, Travel trailer, camper or bus?

We sure do!! You found the right place!

Where can I find a squeegee that has advertising space?

You found us! Right here!

The Automotive Key Caddy

What is the best key management system for car dealerships?

There are many types out there, but nothing like this for your lot attendants to organize cars needing fuel or charging.

Is there a key carrier for car dealers lot attendants?

You found us!! We have the best and most organized caddy on the market.

How much to replacement key fob?

Key fobs and replacement keys can cost from $100 to $1,000 with programming.  Of course this depends on whether you have a Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Infinity, Mercedes, BMW, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Scion, Acura, Buick, Chrysler, Dodge, Hummer, Izuzu, Jaquar, Jeep, Kia, Landrover, Lexus, Pontiac, Olds, Saturn, SAAB Subaru, Volkswagen, Volvo or any other car we may have missed.  In a nut shell, it is better not to lose them.

How can I organize car keys better?

Now You can with our Key Caddy, you can separate your dealership keys for the ones that need battery charging or need gas! This should please your sales team to no end.

Why is our key caddy so handy and reliable?

It’s made from a heavy-duty textile material, light weight and helps your lot attendant stay organized and not lose keys any longer.

How durable are our key caddies?

Made from heavy duty water proof textile materials.

Where can I buy key caddy?

You found us right here! Or check our distributor list.

What is the automotive key caddy made from?

Water proof textile material with ABS inserted plastic for durability.  Raised ribs along the bottom allow minimal surface touching when it is resting on the hood of a car to avoid scratching.

Is the key caddy water/weatherproof ?

Yes it is!

Stealth Protection Film

Is there 3M film made for my RV, Travel trailer or camper?

Our film has enough in each package to do the lights on your truck, trailer and motorcycle, if you have one.

How can I protect my camper from rock chips?

Help reduce the cost of expensive lights by protecting them from rocks with our product.

How can I protect my Truck or SUV from rock chips?

You found us!! Congrats!

How to protect my motorcycle from rock chips?

There is enough film in each package to cover the important spots on your motorcycle (tops of painted saddle bags, headlight, front fender tip).

Where can I buy clear pre-cut film for my foglamps or headlights?

You found us!! Congrats!

Will Stealth Protection Film yellow, fade or peal in time?

This film is made to withstand years of use and is the same quality as comparable 3M film on the market and has been for years!

Is rock-chip film safe to use on my headlights?

Yes! It is completely transparent.

Is there a universal fit 3M film or clear film for my headlights and foglamps?

We have the only one on the market!! Welcome!